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In addition to the biannual EPIK Program GoldKey is also an accredited agency for the GOE Program. GOE (Gyeongnam Office of Education) hires Conversational English Teachers through the EPIK Program every February and August but they do have a number of posts that require new teachers arrive at schools through the year between March and November.
The GOE contracts, benefits & employment conditions are identical to those enjoyed as an EPIK candidate in the province.

As the time period between a GOE interview and flying to Korea is typically 2-3 weeks it is essential that you have the full set of Application Documents ready to be submitted to GoldKey in by courier to secure your contract and work visa as soon as you have successfully passed the official Skype Interview.

Gyeongnam Province lies immediately to the west of Busan Metro

GOE Application Documents

Please submit the following 6 Initial Application Documents to applications@goldkeyeducation.com

We will go through them with you for a final check on Skype before submitting them to GOE to request an interview opportunity for you.


GOE Application Form 

(please use Microsoft Word to fill the form)

Fill in the GOE Application Form, save it as a Microsoft Word document and submit it as an attached file to applications@goldkeyeducation.com.

We will assist you to proof the document before final submission so do not delay submission unnecessarily if you are unsure about some of the questions.


Click to Download Application Form



Click to Download Reference Letter Guide

The GOE Program requires at least 2 Reference Letters that conform to their letter format. 

Please note the GOE letter format is different from the EPIK Reference Letter so you cannot repurpose those without them being edited by your Referee.
Please download, study & share this guide with your referees. Letters must be hand signed, scanned & emailed to GoldKey. Hand signed originals must be safely kept for submission once a formal interview slot has been secured.



Click to Download School Letter Guide

The GOE Program requires Proof of English Schooling Letters from South African and Quebecois applicants that conform to the letter format. Please download, study and utilise the letter guide as described. These letters should be hand signed by the school. then emailed to you so that you can forward the email to GoldKey.  NOTE: The GOE Program requires you submit the Hand Signed Original Proof of English Schooling Letters along with your other documents to arrange to collect these letters from your old schools.


Portrait Photograph

Take a quality passport format photo, smartly dressed with a friendly smile as seen in the sample picture. Be sure to face the camera square shoulders and face on while standing with your back to a flat white wall or surface. Ensure your face is well lit with no harsh shadows (avoid standing in direct sunlight) Use a good digital camera or Smartphone camera and send the picture to GoldKey by email or WhatsApp.

Submit a color scan of your passport by email. Please check that your passport is valid for at least 12 months after the end of your intended contract. If not please apply for a new passport and submit a scan of the Home Affairs receipt for your new application along with the scan of your current passport. If you do not have a passport then a scan of your National ID can be used as a stand-in. 



Click to Download

Video Guide

You need to make a short 2 minute Self Introductory Video that will grab the attention of the GOE selectors. This will be their first look at you and will largely determine if they schedule a formal interview for you.  You can load your video on to YouTube as an Unlisted Video (do not set the video visibility to Private) Alternatively you can submit it directly as an attached MP4 file using WhatsApp (+27-76-411-5388)

Follow the Video Guide to successfully secure your interview opportunity.


Note: If you are sending documents from outside of South Africa then please courier directly to the address in Seoul to expedite delivery. 

We will collate your documents for you even if some documents are delivered to the South African GoldKey office. 

Please avoid using the SA Post Office & Speed Services these are unreliable.


South Africa (Courier Deliveries)

59 Clan Stewart Street

Glencairn Heights



Republic of South Africa

Office Phone

International Calls: +27-21-180-3043

In-Country Calls: 082-728-4229

Mobile Phone

International Calls: +27-82-728-4229

In-Country Calls: 082-728-4229




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Contact eMail: info@goldkeyeducation.com


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